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Mforce Warranty
Conditions for warranty service:
  • Any MFORCE product which is sold official by distributors or dealers.
  • Any MFORCE product which is used in normal operation and only with genuine parts.
  • Any MFORCE product which is valid in the warranty period with the confirmed inspection from MFORCE technical staff.
  • MFORCE product meets the above-mentioned requirement will be serviced according this warranty policy. The cost for parts replacement will be covered by MFORCE.
  1. - 20,000km or 2 years whichever comes first only for registered first owner.
  2. - Sport Rider 125i extend warranty 1 Years or 10,000km (30,000km or 3 Years) only for engine.
  3. - Warranty for battery will be 3000km or 3 months whichever comes first only for registered first owner.
Conditions Not Included:
MFORCE is not responsible for offering warranty services for following conditions:
  • abnormal maintenance or lack of maintenance.
  • abnormal or over-limitation operation not suggested by user’s manual.
  • replacement by non-genuine parts or fuel/lubrication oil not confirm to standard.
  • accident, act of natural phenomenon.
  • perceptual appearance that not related to performance.
  • been serviced by non-authorized MFORCE warranty provider.
  • consumable parts such as oil, bulb, wire, spark plug, air filter, engine oil filter, coolant liquid, battery, belt, chain, brake shoe, clutch disc, oil seal, rubber, gasket and so on.
  • smudging, bird dung, sullcoating or other defect caused by climate, Sulphur, salt or other chemical factors.
  • costuming, disassembling or retrofitting parts, any customized modification may cause performance change.
  • skill performance, race, rental operation or other conditions not meet the normal usage.
  • changing mileage of speedo meter.
  • damage or rust caused by natural environment.
  • using fuel or oil not according to the label on the bike or user’s manual.
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